Am I a Typical Aquarian?

Am I a Typical Aquarian?

My initial answer would be “I don’t know!” but in continuing with the challenge, I set about finding out… Russell Grant and Mystic Meg, where are you when I need you?

I’m not really a follower of astrology but I was intrigued when set this challenge to determine if my personality fits my star sign. Not before I took a dash to the local charity shop to purchase an urn as pictured above.

According to my brief research today a typical aquarius is independent, original and unpredictable. All of these traits reflect my personality I have always been very independent from quite a young age. I think I have an original way of thinking which is not always advantageous. In terms of being unpredictable, I get told this a lot. I like to keep people on their toes and would hate the idea of someone being able to second guess my next move. I’m not really a creature of habit. I think this adds to the level of uncertainty about my behaviour.

I have had a look at the weaknesses of a typical Aquarius too. They are temperamental, uncompromising and aloof. I really don’t think that I am temperamental or uncompromising. I could be in denial as they are negative traits. I can appear aloof in a distant and detached sort of way. I know that I can be unapproachable in certain circumstances but it’s not deliberate.

An Aquarian can also be progressive and humanitarian. I’m not an outspoken activist but I do always call out and challenge inequality and injustice when I see it. Perhaps one day I will have a louder voice in this arena.

Even though I don’t buy into astrology I do think that overall my zodiac sign does fit my personality. Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe there’s something in it… I’m off to check ‘today’s horoscope’.

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